Acid eyes: yep, we’re going there


I know, I know: When you hear the words “acid-green eyeshadow,” your natural and immediate instinct is to pair said shadow with an orange-y red lipstick, right? Same here, obviously.

You have to embrace the in-your-face quality of this hue.

As awful as that combination sounds on paper (so Mimi Bobeck!) it’s surprisingly easy to wear — honest. For me, this Make eyeshadow doesn’t work if it’s turned into one of those complicated, 10-step eye looks that requires four different colors of shadow. That’s too much for me.

However, I do think you have to embrace the in-your-face quality of this hue, and paradoxically, the way to balance it out is with an equally bold lip color — this Tom Ford lipstick in Wild Ginger never fails to earn a compliment, by the way. And then, maybe wear something that is buttoned-up and almost somber, because that sort of juxtaposition is always a bit intriguing. Or at the very least, it’s fun to wear.

Side note: The Make eyeshadow is sold out (see? People like it!) but you can still find it in the below limited-edition palette.

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  • missjen

    Oooh, Wild Ginger. That’s a pretty combo…

    • Annie

      Thank you. Maybe for the wedding? I kid, I kid.

      • missjen

        Oooh, idea! Please post the makeup that you used for wedding day! With lots pics. After the honeymoon, of course…

        • Annie

          I have NO idea what I’m going to do on wedding day. Waterproof mascara, probably.

  • BarbaraH

    Wild Ginger…trying it ASAP!

    • Annie

      Let me know what you think. Every time I wear it: compliments! The price stings a bit, but since it’s (in my view) the perfect orangey-red and I wear it all the time, it’s a justifiable splurge.

  • Jamie Roy

    You look amazing. Love the lipstick!

    • Annie

      Thank you! It’s a fun combo for sure.