Hey, it’s Cynthia Rowley’s new cute-as-heck colors

I’ve always liked Cynthia Rowley’s take on girliness. Her aesthetic leans to the ladylike, but it’s slightly off-kilter and fun — sort of like a florist who secretly plays in a Heavenly cover band on the weekends.

It’s very much what a Sassy-reading ’90s girl would wear.

Her new spring makeup collection nails that quirky-sweet blend very well, showcasing pastel blooms and confetti. It’s not a collection for wallflowers, but it’s also not so out-there that you couldn’t incorporate most of the colors into your everyday look. The neoprene makeup case is pretty cute, but at yesterday’s press preview, the bulk of the buzz was about the vegan eyeliners. People were going ka-ray-zee for them, especially the silver shade. It’s very much what a Sassy-reading ’90s girl would wear — and you know what decade just keeps coming back again and again, don’t you? The spring collection is limited-edition, so if you’re feeling it, now’s the time to make your move. (Or to start a twee-pop revival. The choice is yours.)

Cynthia Rowley Beauty, available at Birchbox.

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  • vanessa buccella

    Ahhh! can’t believe you name-checked Heavenly. Bringing me back to the 90s,

    • http://www.theglowhow.com/ Annie

      I still love them! That sound *is* so ’90s, but in a great way.

      • vanessa buccella

        in the best way.