How dark lipstick can usher in spring


Almost a decade ago, I was writing a short profile of Shane Gabier, who went on to design Creatures of the Wind with Christopher Peters. Shane was showing his fall collection, which prominently featured a buttery yellow fabric — because, as he put it, everyone does deep jewel tones for fall. So he challenged that expectation, and it worked.

Dark lipstick is strong. It’s boss. It’s dramatic.

As we move into spring, I’ve been thinking about his point of view, because the rigid rules of seasonality feel a bit outdated. I mean, yes, it’s nice to see pastels nudge winter out the door; after months of digesting grayscale scenery, the eye welcomes variety. But pastels, as lovely as they are, seem insubstantial. This was a long-slog winter that just wouldn’t quit. It deserves to be booted out, evicted, given a firm stay-away-or-else.

Pretty, polite pastels can’t do that. Which is why, on this first day of the cruelest month, I am embracing the off-season choice of dark berry lips. The color is strong. It’s boss. It’s dramatic — especially when paired with assertively bushy brows as seen at Rebecca Taylor fall ’14 (the lips were blotted down for the show). Doesn’t it look confident? And wouldn’t it be unexpected if paired with pastel clothes? Besides, Lorde knows that if you want to make a strong statement, a dark lip is the only way to go.

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  • missjen

    Yes, please. NARS Afghan Red forever…

    • Annie

      Your love of a NARS red knows no bounds!

  • kristinbooker

    Dark berry lips FOREVER. Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Shame, please.

    • Annie

      I want it just for the name alone.