Dry shampoo: the skeptic’s guide

  • http://yesterdaysperfume.com BarbaraH

    Annie, so with black or very dark brown hair, you’d recommend Bumble & Bumble? Any of the less expensive ones you could suggest? Thanks!

    • http://www.theglowhow.com/ Annie

      Hihi! I think B&b’s spray version is good, yes. And if you go to a salon that stocks it, I bet they might let you try it out before you buy. Batiste also makes a tinted version for dark hair, and though I haven’t tried it, their stuff is pretty good, and it’s less than $10. Finally, I have a surprise for you later this week.

  • http://yesterdaysperfume.com BarbaraH

    Will try Batiste first. I’m interested in dry shampoo to minimize the damage I’m doing to my hair by washing and styling it every day…!