A makeup line for skin-care aficionados

Eve Lom is not exactly a household name, but among skin-care aficionados, she is well-loved — especially in England, where the facialist’s cleanser has amassed a cult following. (The tl;dr of Lom’s philosophy: good cleansing is the foundation of healthy skin.) Now, Eve Lom is branching into “radiance-perfecting skin care products,” which is a fancy way of saying that its new makeup offerings aim to go beyond cosmetic benefits alone.

Anyone could use the cosmetics, but it really makes the most sense if you’re serious about your skin, or if other formulas leave your skin feeling dry. That’s because Eve Lom makeup is loaded with beneficial ingredients that you don’t always find in cosmetics. For instance, the lightweight primer is loaded with antioxidants and skin brighteners, so it feeds your skin while serving as a base for your makeup. Or look at the powder bronzer (above left), whose fruit stem cell extracts help skin better retain moisture. My favorite product is definitely the concealer, which is very well-pigmented; it covers dark circles and doesn’t crease. SPF 15, of course.

If you have dry or maturing* skin, then you’ll probably find a lot to like in this range. One thing to note, however, is that while the shade range has many options for fairer skin tones, it has little for women with darker-than-medium skin tones. Let’s hoping that changes for the future, because that concealer really is something else.

*Doesn’t that sound better than “aging”? Yep.

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