FYI, NYC: Half-price threading can be yours

If you’re going to groom your eyebrows, may I suggest taking advantage of this deal at Browhaus? I went there for my first-ever threading session earlier this spring, and they worked some serious brow magic. I went in like Peter Gallagher and walked out like Cara Delevingne. The power of a good brow shaping is immense, because everyone thinks you look better, but they can’t figure out why.

I’m a late convert to threading, but now I GET IT. Not only is it more comfortable and more precise than waxing, the whole process tends to last longer than the ol’ wax-and-strip (in my experience).

Anyway, good news for New Yorkers: Browhaus is running a special through the end of this month: It’s just $13 for a thread-and-tweeze appointment, which plucks $14 from the usual price. You don’t need to be a mathlete to know that this is less than half the usual cost. But be a mensch, will you, and tip as though you were paying the usual rate — not that you wouldn’t, but I’m convinced that doing so is good brow karma.

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