Frédéric Fekkai: “You have to keep yourself young”

  • Paulette Andria Hamilton

    ok is this campaign a new one and has he ever had a person of colour because lets be real us black girls hair is something different and only a black hair dresser knows our hair….

    • Annie

      Yep, it’s a new campaign, and the next face of the brand is a WOC. The winner of The Face, Tiana, is of Korean, Russian, and French descent. Another member of the final three, Afiya — who you’ll see right here pretty soon — is black. I am hoping that the brand continues to look for more diversity in its models.

      But, with all of that said, I hear you. I know that Frédéric has styled models like Tyra (and, I’m assuming, Naomi, since she was on the show) but the salons definitely do not specialize in black hair. If you’re looking for the high-class salon experience, Ted Gibson has tons of a-list clients; and for curly/kinky/natural hair, Anthony Dickey at Hair Rules KNOWS curls and texture.