The hair treatment beloved by French women (and Brad Pitt?)

I am not convinced that French women have an innate secret to looking the way they do, but I will say this: They do treat their hair differently than most of us, with an emphasis on “treat.” They’re not afraid to use a little oil on their hair, either. For decades, many French women have used the Leonor Greyl brand, whose star product has been reformulated to exclude palm oil. Huile de Leonor Greyl (formerly known as Huile de Palme) is a pre-shampoo treatment that treats and protects dry, damaged hair. It has coconut oil, sunflower seed oil, and sesame street oil — all of which babies your hair.

I tried it out at Ricardo Rojas, and it was just as good as the original formula. Smelled heavenly, made my hair Chrysler-Building-shiny, and made my split ends seem to disappear. Forgive the iPhone photos, but you work with what you have — and on that day, anyway, I had good hair to document.

If you decide to try out the new Huile, this is key: You do not need very much at all! Seriously, a bottle will last for ages. Apply it before shampooing (you can even sleep in it) and then be sure to thoroughly cleanse. It’s that simple.

PS: Apparently Brad Pitt used this on his luscious man-mane during his Legends Of The Fall era, and I think we can all agree that hair-wise, Legends was Peak Pitt.

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