In which I try on Kate Moss for size

Earlier this week, I had a rare hour to kill, so I vowed to buy something with my Topshop gift cards. They’re at least six months old, and I haven’t been able to use them because:

1. The ’90s trend is huge right now, and Topshop is on it. Yet I cannot bear to relive the sartorial missteps (floral-print fit-and-flare dresses, crocheted anything) of the past;

2. When I tried on their stretchy jeans, two words — denim sausages! — came to mind; and

3. I am not really a trendy dresser, especially now that I work from home and enjoy the lazy bliss of yoga pants.

Still, I had this gift card, and what do you know, it was opening day for the Kate Moss for Topshop collaboration. So I bought this embroidered dress, which is sort of rich-girl hippie and also roomy enough to let me bloat with impunity. Funny how your fashion priorities change over time, huh?

Kate Moss for Topshop dress, Aerin x Erickson Beamon bangle, Erica Weiner necklace, Jerome Dreyfuss mini Twee bag, Isabel Marant Jenny boots. None of it is available anymore. Womp womp.

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