Wig out! 5 pieces that push hair to the limit

Years from now, if there’s ever a Museum Of Wigs, its head curator will ring Marisol Suarez and do pretty much anything to procure one of her wigs. Because if there’s one thing this Parisian hairstylist does exceedingly well, it’s hairpieces. Calling her designs “wigs” almost underplays them, because these are so avant-garde that, well, they deserve to be showcased as art.

Actually, that’s the plan. Soon, the Centre Pompidou in Paris will host an exhibit of Suarez’s creations. But first, she and hair-care brand Rene Furturer brought her wigs to New York for a private showcase of hair crowns, dip-dyed curls, and fuzzy pompons.

“Before, the wig was about society,” Suarez says, noting the importance of hairpieces in the days of Marie Antoinette. “Today, it is for playing, for fashion and photo shoots. And for eye candy, too — as you’ll see in the gallery above.

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