Neon lip glosses: because it’s almost summer

Bizarrely, jelly platform sandals are back. I’ve seen them clomping around the streets of New York, covering feet with sweat and blisters with every step. I am filing this trend under Not For Me.

Still, there’s something appealing about those Jolly Rancher tints. Which is probably why I like these new lip glosses from mark, which also interpret neon in a bright-yet-sheer way. The red shade is my favorite; it makes me think of teenage girls at roller rinks in the late ’70s, popsicle lips and all. But if you like to think you’re daring, you might as well go with the green one. In the tube, it’ll make you think of lime Jell-O, but it’s clear and slightly sparkly when worn. And, though it should go without saying, that’s a much better finish for lips than shoes.

mark Neon Kisses gloss, $12, available at mark.

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