Eco-friendly body care, minus the hippie vibe

meow meow tweet
Earth Week! Earth Day! They’re upon us, in case you didn’t know. And if you tend to roll your eyes at green products, you might want to reconsider, because eco-friendly isn’t all goat-milk soaps and oatmeal masks anymore. (I say a bit more about on this over at Vogue today.)

While I don’t exclusively use eco products at home, I lean that way more and more. Part of this shift has to do with the health questions around parabens and phthalates; I am overly cautious when it comes to what goes in and on my body, and if a paraben-free option is available, I figure that it can’t hurt to use it.

Then there’s the other big reason I lean green, which is that the natural — and by this, I mean non-synthetic — products often have an extraordinary scent. I’m not against man-made fragrances, but actual lavender oil has an unmistakable realness that immediately conjures a Bronté-heroine vibe.

You can smell that fresh lavender, plus just-cut lemongrass, in Meow Meow Tweet’s body oil. Not only is it nongreasy — a must in my book, and that delightful tome is Annie’s Bossy Body Oil Rules And Regulations — it’s also pleasantly fragrant without being overwhelming. (Because, you know, essential oils can be powerful!) I like to use it on my legs right after a shave, but it also doubles as a bath oil. It’s a simple little luxury that happens to be vegan, organic, and handmade in Brooklyn. Proof that eco body care doesn’t have to make you feel (or smell) like you’ve been following Phish around for five weeks.

Meow Meow Tweet lavender lemongrass body oil, $22, available at Meow Meow Tweet.

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