So THIS is how Nina Agdal stays in shape


It would be easy to look at Sports Illustrated cover model Nina Agdal — her baby-faced brightness, her quickness to smile, her slim limbs — and think that you could totally take her in a race.

You’d be mistaken.

Need proof? Last week, Nina popped into Kiehl’s, hopped on a Flywheel bike, and cycled faster than all of her challengers. We’re talking young people, fit ladies, brawny dudes, even her pal Jeremy Piven — yep, she trounced them all and (no joke) barely broke a sweat. Girl is strong. It was all part of a fundraiser for the Food Bank of New York City; for every 15 minutes cycled, Kiehl’s donated $150 to the hunger-relief organization. Winners all around.

And your prize, dear reader, for being here today? A lightning-quick Q&A with Nina, below.

You were the undefeated Flywheel champ at Kiehl’s today. How often do you spin?
I mix up workouts, but I spin at least twice a week.

What’s it like to see yourself — in a bikini bottom! — everywhere on the cover of Sports Illustrated?
It’s crazy! Kind of surreal. It’s such an iconic magazine. I’m thankful just being a part of it. To be on the cover is the biggest accomplishment in my career so far.

How do you maintain a healthy-looking glow? Is the tan real or faux?
I spray tan, like, twice a month. Sun is very damaging to your skin, so I prefer to stay out of it.

What’s the best and worst beauty advice you’ve ever received?
The best? Keep it natural. Don’t over-use products. The worst [thing] is lip balm with mint. It smells great, but dries out your lips.

Since becoming a model, how has your definition of beauty changed?
I [once] thought it was all about looks, but I’ve learned it has a lot to do with your personality and how you carry yourself. Confidence mixed with humility is key.

Photo credit: Marion Curtis for StarPix

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